March 4, 2014


Okay, now over at this Final Drudion’s Review Section, I wanna begin with the fabulous vinyl Ur-Funk of Inutili’s MUSIC TO WATCH THE CLOUDS ON A SUNNY DAY, two side-long pieces that put me in mind of prime time Parson Sound, and which perpendiculared my brainium from the off. Holy Shit this is indeed, all pivoting around a massive and elliptical bass rumble, and engineered by a saint of a sound engineer who hates drummers enough to keep those fuckers D O W N ! Better still, Inutili are possessed of a somewhat amazing drummer, whose propellant style and over caffeinated pulsations haul these Wahmongers over the VU-limits again and again and a-fucking-gain! Grooves both lümpen and swinging, moves both stealthy and mining, oh boy, ain’t it funky! Released on the oft-excellent Aagoo Records and accessed via, these elliptical crash-n-burners have got it. Up to here! Ah me, that George Clinton lived in the same country: then we’d have a Funkadelic 2014 for Shit Damned Sure. Gentlemen of ye ensemble, please next have a listen to Graham Central Station’s ‘Tell Me What It Is’ and tell me you can’t extend that too-brief-sucker to a full side of the next LP!


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