February 22, 2014



I must admit that even after several plays I still can’t make my mind up which is my preferred side. Literally just landed on our doormat and proceeded to spend the day hogging the turntable. New from Aagoo is a colossal 12 inch set from Italo psych drone dudes Inutili. Aptly titled ’music to watch the clouds on a sunny day’ gathers together two hulking slabs of mind morphing hypno psych grooviness that clock in just shy of 40 minutes worth of sun scorched psychotropia. ‘fry your brain’ heads up the fringe parting twin set – really was there ever a title so perfectly descriptive of what was awaiting within – think of a stoned out, clearly chilled and less wired my cat is an alien studio boogying with an equally bonged and blissed out Mugstar sharing a Gnod moment wherein they amp everything up to the maximum and go on locked grooved odyssey traversing the very depths of the minds eye for what is a bliss kissed and smoking head tripping psych out voyage. By sharp contrast the flip cut sees them smoking other various varieties of recreational highs and getting low down and mellowed for the shit faced psych funk shakedown that is ‘drunk of colostra’ which in truth sounds as though its been in some kind of meditative coma since 1968 only just now coming to and after all these years still sounding ahead of the curve and more importantly appearing like some secret spaced out love child of Hendrix not least because half way through the blighter gets to cooking up a psychotropic stew that fractures and splinters into seriously out there territories. Guaranteed to fry your hi-fi.

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