November 14, 2013



Inutili s/t 12”
Batshit knocked over a few pins last year with that Sunflare 12” and they continue down that raggedy path of blistering worldsyke and outsider kraut power. This time the Shit co-conspired with Goodbye Boozy to bring us a one-sided two track freak fest that’ll keep the Japrock or James Arthur heads in full effect. “Satori” is not a Flower Travelin’ Band cover, though the sounds ain’t too far removed. A galloping bass line leads the way unwavering for five minutes plus as the guitars thread and weave around it, slowly working their way into a full tilt Itallio space war of cosmic carnage. A backwards tape kick in. The guitar strings sound as though they’re being scrapped across metal conduit. Then all hell cuts loose within a free-form vacuum of sound. Pedal powered atmos-fear. It’s like that skewed bridge in Monoshock’s “Soledad”, only this time caught in a loop. Black hole punk. The brief little end piece (“Useless Asshole”) is like the post-coital smoke. A gentle strummer to spoon away your spent dreams within. When the A-side is up, you can flip the fucker and watch the needle skate like Dorothy Hamill. Neat. Scummage count: 200 pressed. 100 copies for each label to sell. All numbered n’ shit. Get with the program. (RSF)
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October 3, 2013


June 28, 2013


Ascoltando l'EP degli Inutili – due tracce psichedeliche, la prima di circa un quarto d'ora e la seconda molto più breve – ci si mescola con il milieu, ci si incastra perfettamente con tutto ciò il mondo circostante. La psichedelia crowd and loud alla tedesca, per capirci. Band che non ha nulla da invidiare a ben più famose formazioni europee, si è presa le sue soddisfazioni: il 12" è sold out, ed è stato co-prodotto da Goodbye Boozy (caposaldo dell'underground che vanta tra le sue file Ty Segall, acidissimo e sempre al top) e dall'etichetta californiana Bat Shit Records.
"Satori", primo brano dell'EP, si presenta come l'usuale riflessione oscillatoria tra kundalini rmx e rock'n'roll basilare (come ben insegnano i My Sleeping Karma) regalando 14 minuti circa di movimento sussultorio pineale. La seconda tranche, molto più corta – quasi una canzone normale – si chiama "Useless Asshole": uno strano incrocio tra Pavement, Neurosis e tradizione sperimentale noise/elettronica, deliziosa e ridondante nella sua semplicità.
Accendete il fuzz, dietro le orecchie. Come la migliore tradizione noise – tra oriente e occidente – c'ha insegnato negli ultimi 30 anni.

S.H. Palmer

June 21, 2013


Quale sia il motivo che abbia spinto la Goodbye Boozy Records e la californiana Bat Shit Records a pubblicare l’EP d’esordio degli Inutili non mi è ancora molto chiaro. E’ probabile che la formazione teramese risulti più convincente in sede live, perché ad ascoltare i due pezzi presenti in questo vinile 12” c’è veramente poco di cui esaltarsi. A partire dalla scadente qualità di registrazione che di certo non agevola la resa sonora dei brani. Con “Satori” sembra di avere un collegamento diretto con una sala prove. Il chitarrista intento a testare i suoi pedali, il batterista che scalda i muscoli picchiando incessantemente sui piatti ed il bassista che li segue a ruota senza risultare troppo invadente. Una jam session lunga 12 minuti, rumorosa e violenta, costruita su divagazioni noise/psichedeliche però fini a se stesse. La successiva “Useless Asshole” invece mette in mostra tutta un’altra band. Ritmi più distesi, suoni puliti, qualche breve accenno folk nella chitarra acustica. Anche qui però regna la noia più totale. Quello degli Inutili è infatti un sound confusionario, tedioso e privo di mordente. Spero solo che il loro full lenght di prossima uscita non si riveli in linea con il nome che si sono scelti.

May 21, 2013


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If it comes from Goodbye Boozy it’s always going to be loud, crude and obnoxious. That’s exactly what we’re getting on this new INUTILI EP, an up and coming band that hails from Italy.
This is the first time Goodbye Boozy has released a 12″ record and it’s a co-release with California-based label Bat Shit Records. As expected with any GB release, it comes limited to just 200 copies with two different cover arts. Later this year Bat Shit will follow up this smoking EP with the debut full-length from these filth-crusted scuzz punks, so now is the time to jump on board.
The EP starts with a cringe-worthy beginning in “Satori”, plaguing our ears with a searing, 15-minute pillaging. You will quickly encounter a destructive rhythm section, driven by a grungy, hypnotizing bass line and endlessly pounding drum thuds to set a grainy, angered tone. It makes for an explosive, ravaging mess of crashing percussion, leaving behind copious amounts of gritty and toxic radiation that’s responsible for heavy brain damage and burnt skin. Snarling guitar shards lead the way for a majority of the 15 minutes, sending us through a barrage of warbled, dagger-like shredding that does not go down easily. The track beings to change gears a bit past the five minute mark, hereby setting us up for a tense and raging journey through careening, noise-fucked space rock. It all changes completely with B-side “Useless Asshole” where they suddenly sound like a whole new band. Blissful acoustic guitars flow along carefully with a drippy, strung-out haze and a warming, folksy tone. Like “Satori” it’s completely instrumental, but this time results in a much cleaner and refined sound to close the EP.
With two conflicting tracks like these it leaves you with plenty of unanswered questions regarding their upcoming full-length. Now go ahead and grab the 12″ while you still can – there’s only 200!
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April 3, 2013


Goodbye Boozy & Bat Shit 共同でのリリースが決まり発売前から話題となっていた現行 Italian
Ultra-Weirdo Heavy Psych / Noise バンドによる 2013 年の片面プレス 2 曲入り仕様による衝撃のデビュー作が遂に登場!
Krautrock + Japanease Psych / Prog. 混在地獄の長尺 Drugged-Out Heavy Psych
 ナンバー Satori (カバーではありません) + 打って変わり 1 曲目で 約 15 分に渡り拷問された鼓膜を労るかの如き短尺雨音系
Inst. ナンバー 2 曲を収録。Bat Shit / Goodbye Boozy 共同リリース & Ltd.200 枚プレスでジャケは 2 パターン各
100 枚づつの手書きナンバリング入り仕様 + インサート入りです。
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March 2, 2013

OUT NOW!!!!!

Bat Shit and Goodbye Boozy Records present the first outing by this exceptional band (with a full length to follow on the BS label soon). Essential listening for those with a taste for punishment.
So essential that we've pressed up only 200 copies to split between two sides of the globe because we're useless assholes.

For USA orders please contact
Bat Shit Records

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Goodbye Boozy Records

Inutili are a wild, groove driven psych band from Italy with their feet planted in the same footprints left by German purveyors of the genre while taking a few steps into Japanese territory.
Paint peeling guitars and creeping bass, over hammering drums. The only combo necessary for making truly blistering Rock and Roll.

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They said to send the monkey. Instead you decided to strap your helmet and boots on and jump right into the galactic deep end. Never mind that your vessel hasn't been thoroughly tested for skull crushing pressure or incinerating heat. Whatever. You know what you're doing. As you buckle up and fiddle with the knobs to provide sufficient oxygen into your marshmallow track suit, the lights flicker off and the high-speed mobile phallus ejects itself skyward. None of this was supposed to happen, but you grip onto your seat and let the waves of engine noise wash over you. You've never seen the world around you shrink so quickly and begin to feel a tightness envelope your entire body. Slowly clutching you like a grip from the mighty anaconda. Light diminishes and the sky grows darker. You begin to hyperventilate and your eyes throb and shake and you swear they were looking inward upon themselves. Sparks rain all around you as the wires hiss. You take off your helmet and flame engulfs you, melting your skin and charring your skull while you're sitting there laughing. It was completely USELESS. Congratulations.
Mission Complete. You've launched yourself into oblivion.

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                            see also the video looking for "Inutili satori" through best porn sites 

February 4, 2013



INUTILI's  debut album


two different covers

Goodbye Boozy Records  +   Bat Shit Records

                                                                    COMING SOON