November 14, 2013



Inutili s/t 12”
Batshit knocked over a few pins last year with that Sunflare 12” and they continue down that raggedy path of blistering worldsyke and outsider kraut power. This time the Shit co-conspired with Goodbye Boozy to bring us a one-sided two track freak fest that’ll keep the Japrock or James Arthur heads in full effect. “Satori” is not a Flower Travelin’ Band cover, though the sounds ain’t too far removed. A galloping bass line leads the way unwavering for five minutes plus as the guitars thread and weave around it, slowly working their way into a full tilt Itallio space war of cosmic carnage. A backwards tape kick in. The guitar strings sound as though they’re being scrapped across metal conduit. Then all hell cuts loose within a free-form vacuum of sound. Pedal powered atmos-fear. It’s like that skewed bridge in Monoshock’s “Soledad”, only this time caught in a loop. Black hole punk. The brief little end piece (“Useless Asshole”) is like the post-coital smoke. A gentle strummer to spoon away your spent dreams within. When the A-side is up, you can flip the fucker and watch the needle skate like Dorothy Hamill. Neat. Scummage count: 200 pressed. 100 copies for each label to sell. All numbered n’ shit. Get with the program. (RSF)
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