March 3, 2016

FIRST REVIEW !!! BABYSUE Comics, Poetry and Reviews

Whew. This is so far removed from the world of commercial music in 2016 that it'd be hard to top this band in that respect. If you get tired of all the canned perfection crap out there that all sounds the same (and you can always predict what note or chord will come next), Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets might just snap you back into reality. This Italian band records music that some folks might mistake for practice or jam sessions. To be certain, Inutili is a band that does not sound like all the rest. But what's surprising here is how musical some of these excursions into spontaneity can be. The vocals are particularly unusual. Instead of being tweaked to perfection, the voice is presented as something of an accidental element...with the words being barely discernible. Some of this reminds us of some of the stranger German progressive bands from the 1970s...but not really. Sure wish more modern rock bands would take as many chances as these guys. This music is unusual, unpredictable, exciting, and decidedly RAW. Gripping and bizarre. Love it. Top pick.

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