April 29, 2014


New 12in - Inutili - Music To Watch The Clouds On A Sunny Day - Aagoo Records just dropped a walloping slab of super experimental and heavy distorto psych rock in our laps with their latest release, Inutili's "Music To Watch The Clouds On A Sunny Day." We're not sure where these dark horse Italian rockers came from (the stratosphere perhaps?) so let's get the word straight from the label:

"INUTILI returns with a new 12” LP on Aagoo Records. From the city of Teramo, Italy comes this heady, hypnotic, improvisational rock. The plural of inutile, Inutili means pointless, useless, or unprofitable, yet their music is anything but. Terminal Boredom says, “A galloping bass line leads the way unwavering for five minutes plus as the guitars thread and weave around it, slowly working their way into a full tilt Itallio space war of cosmic carnage”. As well, their album Satori (Bat Shit/Goodbye Boozy) was praised on The Styrofoam Drone: “Snarling guitar shards lead the way for a majority of the 15 minutes, sending us through a barrage of warbled, dagger-like shredding that does not go down easily.” Inutili’s 12” is comprised of only two songs. The A-side “Fry your Brain” starts out otherworldly. Dreamy sequences lead into a sweet, spaced-out, riffed-up jam that ends up pounding your face off (in a ‘Blissful the Oceanic’ kinda way). The B-side is a bluesier epic that starts out peaceful; but by the seven minute mark, a flurry of timeless of psych disaster is fully unleashed. I can listen to some bands play for hours—Trad Gras Och Steiner, Pharaoh Overload, Oneida—and now I can add one more to the list: Inutili." - Aagoo

Yes!!!!!! "Music To Watch The Clouds" is just the kind of epic, blown out, psych madness we always need around at the shop. Coming from the same murky corner of the universe as King Blood, Birds Of Maya and Cosmic Dead, Inutili riffs and drones their way through two monstrous face melting tracks of acid bent RnR goodness worthy of comparisons to Parson Sound, Les Rallizes Denudes, Hawkwind and Monoshock. No joke! "Music To Watch The Clouds…" warps and slithers its psychedelic way through long passages of guitar bashing/manipulating on the level of Afflicted Man, Groundhogs, Blue Cheer and even Funkadelic insanity. All the while cosmically motoring on through kraut / space rock, here and there resurfacing somewhere close to the electrified blues that gave birth to the speed freak urges of the power trio 70s, yet always on the cusp of detouring deep into the nether regions between the feedback meditations of "Sister Ray" and avant minimalism. So needless to say this kinda loud lysergic in-the-red whirring RnR would make Julian Cope proud, and for sure earn a few accolades at this year's end. Yeah all you heady rockers better get yer fix quick. CUZ THIS ONE'S INSANELY RECOMMEDED!!!!!!! And sure to fly outta here!!!!

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